Meet The Coaching Team

Make your visit to the range more productive by getting the basics and, where appropriate, the advanced skills in good shape. The PGA Teaching Professionals at The Kinsealy Grange will have you focus on the basic and requisite skills and all areas of potential improvement.

Karl Herbert PGA

Senior Teaching Professional

Eoin Gibbons


Eoin Arthurs PGA

Resident Professional

Emily McCanny

PGA Golf Professional


The Academy caters for the needs of all golfers, regardless of experience and group classes can be arranged for men and women of all levels of expertise. Adult classes can be organised around a scheduled programme or, if preferred, we can schedule an academy around your bespoke group. This latter structure appeals to many beginners. Courses include instruction ranging from the basics of grip, posture, ball position, swing and progress to achieving a better strike and maximising on your potential. For further information and pricing details on adult academies for beginners, improvers etc. Please contact us by email at or on +353 1 8284300.

Individual Lessons

Refine your skills with the help of our PGA Teaching Professionals with lesson tailored to your unique needs.

Group Lessons

Our Pros offer structured programs that make group learning engaging and effective.

Beginner's Ladies

We offer a welcoming and supportive environment to learn golf basics that helps build confidence alongside fellow beginners.

Putting & Wedges

Hone your short game with focused sessions on putting and wedges. Our coaches will help you with these crucial aspects, ensuring more confidence on the greens.

Swing Analysis

At Kinsealy Grange Golf Academy, we offer professional swing analysis services to help golfers of all levels refine their technique and improve their performance.

Utilising the latest technology, our coaches can provide detailed assessments of your swing mechanics, identifying areas for improvement and tailoring personalised practice plans to enhance your game.

Whether you’re a beginner looking to build a solid foundation or an experienced player aiming to fine-tune your skills, our swing analysis will provide invaluable insights to elevate your golfing experience. Join us at Kinsealy Grange and take the first step towards a more consistent and powerful swing.

Club Fitting & Repair

McGuirk’s Repair Centre at The Kinsealy Grange provides an expert club repair, re-gripping and refurbishment facility on-site. They can also alter clubs to better suit your game as required.

For enquiries in respect of club re-gripping & refurbishment contact McGuirk’s Repair Centre on 086 145 1594.

Club Fitting

Before you decide on your new clubs, we strongly recommend that you avail of our experience & expertise and that of the McGuirk’s Golf fitting experts. It is simple and easy to book in for a club fitting, utilising the latest technology to ensure that the clubs you have are the right ones for you (and your swing), thereby allowing you to maximise on your game.

The Trackman golf software system provides full golf shot analysis to ensure that you have the most accurate information available for club comparison and loft & lie settings for a more effective golf shot.

Club fitting at The Kinsealy Grange facility allows customers to be fitted in a more realistic ‘outdoor’ environment, hitting golf balls down a fairway at a variety of strategically placed targets.

The trained fitters are fully qualified on all of the latest equipment and developments in the field of golf clubs and hardware and will be happy to advise you.

Club Repair

Whether you need to shorten or extend clubs, re-grip, adjust your current set, install or replace steel and graphite shafts, make loft and lie adjustments, remove shaft rattles or extensions, replace ferrules, or re-attach club heads, we’ve got you covered.